Monday, May 25, 2015


We woke up on the day after Halloween to this:

A winter wonderland!  It was an early snowfall, but it was the perfect snow day.  It happened on a Saturday when we had nowhere to go, and it only lasted a day and then melted away.  The kids were so excited for their first snow! (That they could remember at least)

 The snowman looked rather forlorn after the kids came inside.  Somehow his stick mouth became a frown.  It was kind of strange...
 I love that Cora loves to match Betty.
 Betty loves being able to get up and cruise around and get into everything!
 "Dress like a scarecrow" day at school - it was for a cute little Fall Festival the school hosted that evening.  
 I can reach everything!
 Everyone loves the library.

 Yummy books.  A little bookworm already devouring every book in reach.

 Carrot rings are all the rage.
 The cutest little mommy and daddy.
Sleepy baby pics. 

 Handsome bike rider
 Gnawing on the crib just like Elijah used to

See the little pearls?
 Elijah started becoming quite the little artist.  I love his little drawings.  
Here is a lion family:
 Hard at work with his tongue sticking out just like Grandma Madelyn and Daddy ;)  This was all in the car while waiting to pick up Cora one day.
 Not sure what this was.
 Mickey Mouse I think?
 Our family I think?
 Elephant and trees

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