Monday, May 25, 2015

Arriving in Galax!

Well we arrived safe and sound in Virginia!  Our flights went ok this time and we had a couple of days in Herndon before driving down to Galax, which we spent getting cars, switching our phones to Verizon (since AT&T doesn't work in Galax) making a Costco trip, and resting!  Mom came down with us to Galax to help some more. We got in on a Saturday night and Cora and Ryan started work/school on Monday!  Here's Cora getting ready to leave for her first day of school.  Her feelings are plainly expressed on her face as is typical for Cora.

 Both ready for their first days!
 It was a little hard to leave her at school, poor girl!  She was very shy and just sat in her class with her shoulders hunched, not talking much, when I left.  I was a little worried but I knew she would just take some time to get used to everything.  I was confident that she would come to love the routine of school and the learning and social interaction.  And she did - after several days.  Kindergarten is all day and poor Cora was so exhausted when I picked her up that she fell asleep in the car on the way home.  She kept doing this for the first couple of weeks until she got a little more used to it.  
 Celebrating our first day of school and work with dinner at Hardee's!  Cora posing with her school in the background up the hill.   
 Elijah entertaining Betty in our empty kitchen.  We kept trying new ways of keeping Betty contained during the moving process.  This laundry basket didn't last long.  
 Betty trying out our new couch.  I think she approves!
 Our little nature hunter finding pretty leaves in our yard.  We love the big yard at this house!
 Our new house!  We love this place.  It has a great history and our landlord has been very nice. The inside is still mostly empty and it's been a challenge trying to function without table, chairs, etc.  We have been visiting all the local second-hand stores (of which there are a lot, luckily) trying to find furniture that will fill our needs,  We were lucky to find a lot of stuff that worked very well!
 Elijah collects leaves and flowers like Cora sometimes but this time his favorite find was his big stick.

 Dandelions!  We love dandelions.  So cheery and simple and sweet. I read once that they are the flower of motherhood - and it's true, I do get a lot of dandelion bouquets, and I love them. 
 Blurry and crooked pic taken by Cora
 The kids love this upstairs bathtub!  It's a lot of fun to play in.  Betty really wanted to dive in too.
 Cora looking slightly more excited about school by the end of the week.
 Betty playing on our airbed.
 Cora instructed me to take these pics of her posing in the matching outfit she was proud to have put together herself.  It matched better than most of the outfits she puts together by herself. This is at Dannely Park by our house and by the New River Trail.
And this is Cora posing again by our driveway.  She wanted her aunties to see her dance moves in her "Hawaii necklace" (that Grandma and Grandpa gave her to remember them before we left)

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