Monday, May 25, 2015

Great Grandma and Max visit!

We were so excited to receive a visit from Great Grandma Wei and Great Uncle Max at the end of September for a week!  It was so fun and I loved having the kids get to know them better.  They all loved Uncle Max of course and couldn't help but climb all over him non-stop.

We went to the playground together

And collected lots of chestnuts from our neighbor (who Grandma befriended instantly, as she does).  The kids can never resist a fluffy dandelion.  Grandma and Elijah blowing the dandelion together.
Showing off some of their chestnuts.
 Elijah also made another cool find, a pig snout!
Eating at Porky's with Grandma and Uncle Max.
Playing on the playground after school one day with Uncle Max.

Grandma, ever the green thumb, also helped us plant some bulbs by my porch. Can't wait to see if they make it through winter (without getting eaten by the deer) and bloom in the spring!
Grandma wanted to take the kids to a pumpkin patch but we couldn't find one that opened before October so we went to the farmer's market in Hillsville instead and picked a few pumpkins out.  
And some candy too.
Don't touch, Cora!  Chestnut burrs are ridiculously spikey.
Enjoying a beautiful evening outside with our pumpkins from Grandma.  We lit another fire in the fire pit and made smores with them too.  
It was a wonderful visit and we were so happy to have them come.  We love Great Grandma and Uncle Max so much!  Luckily we were going to see them again at Thanksgiving so we didn't have to be too sad when they left us.  

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