Monday, May 25, 2015


A week before Halloween we had a fun trunk or treat party at the church.  Cora and Betty and Ryan dressed up in Care Bear costumes that I made and Elijah wanted to be a bat.  NOT Batman, by the way, just a bat.  I didn't manage to get a good pic of Elijah's wings/cape (I wanted to get one of him hanging upside-down) but you can kind of get the picture below. 

A couple days before Halloween the kids got sick.  It's never fun when they're sick but I love how much cuddling we get in!
 These pics below are from actual Halloween night.  This time the whole family dressed up as Care Bears.  Elijah decided after the trunk or treat that he wanted to join in the theme so I made him a costume and then I decided not to be a stick in the mud and made one for myself as well.  The theme lent itself well to cool weather trick-or-treating, which was nice.  These costumes would have been impossible in hot Hawaii weather.  Ryan was Tenderheart Bear, I was Grumpy (my favorite), Cora was Cheer Bear, Elijah was Funshine, and Betty was Wonderheart.  The kids know the characters from the newest version of the cartoon that they watch on Netflix.  

Downtown Galax hosts trick or treating on Halloween evening with local businesses and churches handing out treats.  We met up with our friends the Kohls and walked down with their family.  This was taken on their porch before we headed out.  It was a relatively cool evening and rainy most of the time. We all still had a good time but we were glad to get home and warm up afterwards.  

 Hiding out under the umbrellas.

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