Wednesday, August 26, 2009

since we've been back

Well Ryan is back in school and I am back to babysitting. We're still adjusting to a regular schedule. Since we came back home, we had a little over a week to enjoy the rest of the summer. Ryan got to go mountain biking several times. Here he is on top of Kinport Peak - a pretty grueling but fun trip he took one morning last week.
And Christopher came to visit us last weekend - we didn't take any pictures til he was about to leave and Cora was pretty sleepy by then. We had a fun weekend, playing lots of Wii, watching movies, going to the zoo, cutting hair, playing frisbee golf, and bowling. Two good movies we watched: Wall-E and Amazing Grace.

Yesterday I finally made Cora a hooded towel - a big size one that is so much easier to use than those wimpy teeny baby ones. It should fit her for years. I used a hand towel and a bath towel that were on sale last week. It's kind of hard to see in the pic- just looks like we put a towel over her head. But it does have a nice hood on it and a cute little pleat in the back for shape. I got the tutorial here, from Make it and Love it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

vacation part II - Yellowstone

We all headed up to Island Park to stay in a cabin and visit Yellowstone for a few days. It was a fun week - fishing, floating the river, eating lots of food, seeing the natural wonders and animals of Yellowstone, and after, spending a couple of days in Rexburg for the International Folk Dance Festival.

Finally - are you ready for this? This was the most exciting moment of our Yellowstone visit. Ryan was videoing, and he wasn't even zoomed in - we were actually this close. It came even closer to us actually, but Ryan came to his senses and moved the car to get out of the way and stopped videoing. It probably got within 15 feet of us , and wound up crossing the road right where our car had been.

After this encounter, we drove a little ways down the road in Lamar Valley, and ran into a herd of buffalo, then a herd of antelope, then another herd of buffalo. We also saw several herds of elk while we were in the park.

vacation part I - Boise

Well it's been a while. Ryan has had a month off school and we have been spending the time with his family, doing a lot of traveling and having a ton of fun. Ryan's parents have been visiting from Hawaii and got to see Cora grow before their eyes while they were here - she went from army crawling to real crawling, super fast, and pulling herself up constantly on everything, and trying to walk. She also talks (babbles) a lot more. Here are a few of the things that we have been up too since our last post:

At the Zoo
Cora's first trip to the Zoo

Mana Man

Watching Ryan's coke geysers for Matthew's bday

Playing w/ ooblek (cornstarch mixture) after church on Matthew's bday.
BIG mess. Sorry Elise. But a lot of fun.

Two tired matching girls after an afternoon at Lucky Peak reservoir.
Below, more Lucky Peak.

Cora didn't like the water. It was pretty cold though.

Sweet matching cousins after church