Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's been super hot here lately, so this is what we have been doing the past couple of days when Daddy comes home. Except last time we decided to take off Cora's clothes first.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Natural History Museum

Ryan, Cora and I went to the National Museum of Natural History last Saturday. We intended to hit the both Natural History and American History, but we wound up spending all of our time at the Natural History Museum. It was pretty interesting, and Cora liked it, but she was pretty tuckered out and fell asleep before the gemstones.
This is Cora's favorite spot in the house, in the computer room where everybody hangs out on her boxes. Anytime she has her magic blankie her thumb is in her mouth.
Showing off her new dress from Old Navy clearance.We got to see baby Londyn a couple of weeks ago and she is so tiny! She is much smaller than she looks in the photo. Sweet little angel.This is Cora a couple of nights ago, popping bubbles Ryan was blowing for her and showing her crazy, funny personality.

Cora, Mom and I also took a fun, short trip to Nicole's new house last week and had a fun time. I still need to get the photos from that trip from Mom so that post will come later. Cora loved all her cousins and got plenty of love, hugs and kisses from them while she was there.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Farm Friday

This Friday Ryan and I took Cora to Frying Pan Park nearby where they have a little farm you can visit. Cora loved seeing all the animals, even though she was also pretty scared of them. We saw ducks, a bunny, chickens and roosters, cows and calves, pigs, sheep and goats. When we got home we quizzed her and she remembered all the animal noises.

She also had fun chasing the pigeons that were hanging around. It was a pretty hot day and I still had her in pants from her nap, so we took them off and let her run around in her onesie.

Ryan caught this pic of Cora just as she sighted a bird flying overhead. She loves birds.Papa took these pictures last night of Cora in front of Mom's beautiful day lilies!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Great Falls

We went to Great Falls park on Monday. It was a fun little outing, even though it was ridiculously hot. Ryan always checks the temperature outside on his phone, and was amused to see that in Virginia, the "feels like" temperature is often hotter than the actual temperature. In Pocatello, because of wind chill, it's usually at least 10 degrees colder. Cora is loving it here though, she's been a little sweeter since her tooth broke through but she is still displaying quite a little attitude. Her favorite word is "no," although she is also learning to nod or say yes, though not always truthfully. ("Did you eat your banana, Cora?" Looks at the banana on her tray, nods yes.)

At church she is doing better at playing in Nursery, even though she cries when I drop her off, I just try to do it as quickly as possible. I was asked to substitute in the other Nursery class last Sunday and I was so tempted to bring her with me, to see how she behaves during the lesson and singing time, but I didn't want her to get used to being with me again so I left her in her other class.