Thursday, May 28, 2015

December 2014 happenings

Getting ready for Christmas with a fun sticker advent calendar from Mom.
Cora's cute turkey she made in Library at school, with her favorite books written on the feathers.  Love her kindergarten writing and her spelling of "My Little Pony"
Guillermo Rivas got baptized to join the rest of his family in the church.  Wonderful day.
Betty's face cracks me up in this pic.
Trying to get into everything her siblings are doing.
Cora and Elijah love to join Betty in her crib and play with her.
This large box helped me corral Betty for a couple days - I would put her on it and she couldn't get off.  But she figured out how to get down eventually.  
Ryan took Cora on a little date to the Christmas parade downtown one night since it was a little too late for Elijah.
A street sign in nearby Mt Airy, NC, where we took the kids to see Big Hero 6. 
Another large box from the mail served as a good playpen to keep Betty in for a while.
Sweet big brother and sister taking turns with Betty on the slide one day at the elementary school playground.
Their favorite game is hide and seek.
Getting some help blowing out my candles on my 30th birthday.  I love being 30!  I feel like I have finally made it. I just love the stage of life that I am in.  An amazing husband, beautiful children, what more could I want? 
So proud to see Cora getting the Principal's choice award at her kindergarten award ceremony!  The principal, however, when giving out the award, went into this story about how even principals make mistakes, and the proof of that is how he accidentally printed the award certificates upside down on the award stationary sheets, etc... and when Cora came home from school that day (the ceremony was in the morning) she was sad because she hadn't understood his story and just heard the part about making mistakes and thought she had gotten the award for making the most mistakes.  :( Poor girl!  We explained it to her and then she was ok.
Ryan on a ride, scoping out a potential hike for the family.
This year Ryan and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!  We even got to go on a solo date (sans kids) because my parents were here visiting us for Christmas.  We headed up to Wytheville and ate at this fun historical restaurant below.  It was really good and such a nice evening together. I am so lucky to have had this guy stick by my side for 10 years and counting!  
What a face!  This is what she thinks about our new gate we put up to block her from the office.
Poor Cora got sick at Christmas so Elijah got to have a solo outing with Grandma and Papa the day before they left.  They looked around downtown and took Elijah to the library where they took this pic.
Our pretty girl at the Ladybug girl playground.

Taking a nice hike together a few days after Christmas.  This is along the trail that starts at Dannely Park close to our house.

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