Monday, May 25, 2015

Betty sitting up, and eating!

Starting to be able to sit up on her own!  It's so nice when they can do that.  They are so much happier.
Not completely stable yet though, she keeps falling either backwards or leaning way forwards like this.
Playing with brother when sister's at school.

Just being cute, eating her fingers.
Elijah playing in the bubble bath.  He said "Ho Ho Ho, I'm Santis!" I said, "Who's Santis?" And he said "I am!"
Trying rice cereal.  Still not really a fan...
I don't know about this...
What is this stuff?
Asleep with her butt in the air again.
This is my typical Saturday morning view.  There were five in a bed and the little one said....
This was the baptism of the sweet Rivas family who we befriended soon after we moved here.  It was a wonderful day.

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