Monday, May 25, 2015

Cora's 6th birthday!

Cora's birthday was during her school Fall break so we got to have fun together all day!  Her school had a two week break during the fall, but she got to go to some fun enrichment classes during the first week and then we had a one week break after that.  She took a Spanish class and a kids cooking class that she loved, where they made crafts and treats like butterflies out of apples and grapes, etc.

So for her birthday breakfast I got up and made her cinnamon rolls, which she usually likes, although they've always been someone else's, since I've never made them before.  As it was, I cheated and used a recipe that contains no yeast, it's more like roll up cinnamon biscuits.  I thought they were really good but unfortunately Cora wasn't the biggest fan.  So much for giving her a special treat for breakfast.
For lunch we headed to the playground and had a picnic lunch.  Here's our sweet birthday girl!  

6 years old!
For dinner Cora chose to go to Porky's, a casual country style local buffet place.  We didn't do cake because we were waiting for her birthday party on the weekend.  

This picture below was taken a few days after Cora's birthday.  We went to the library for the first time since moving to town and were pleased to find that they have a great kids section.  It quickly became one of our favorite places to go and they even have a weekly storytime with crafts after that we started attending.  Anyways, this trip ended with Elijah and Betty falling asleep on the way home, and since it was raining outside I invited Cora to join me in the front of the car while they napped and we read library books, snacked and talked, and drew on the foggy windows.  It was a nice little impromptu one on one date that we need to do more often. 
This was the first time we had allowed her to have a birthday party with friends and not just family so she was really excited.  I drew a Twilight Sparkle poster that she helped me color and we used it for our traditional Pin the Tail on the Pony game.  The guests decorated their own pony tails to use in the game.  We also had a little pumpkin decorating activity for the kids, with the little pumpkin gourds and sticker backed foam sheets to make it clean and easy.  Then, of course, we had the cake and ice cream!  Cora helped me decorate the cake before the party. We also had candy covered pretzel wands. 
Cora made cute little invitations and we delivered them to a handful of her little friends from school. Only a couple were able to come but it was fun nonetheless. We had Cora's friend Johannes and his sister Gracie, her friend Jackie, and Jose Rivas and his family. 
I love Cora's little embarrassed but pleased look when she's at the center of attention like this.
Cora's well placed pony tail on her second try.  The little kids were way off until they observed Johannes' big sister Gracie feel for the edges of the poster to make a better guess for her tail and then the little kids caught on to the trick and did better.  

Cora and Elijah showing off their pumpkins they decorated during the party.
It's always fun to celebrate Cora's birthday because it's not only her special day but also the anniversary of Ryan and I becoming parents.  We feel so blessed to have been able to start our family with our sweet Cora.  She's a wonderful big sister and it's been so fun to watch her grow and develop, especially as she has started school and become a "big kid" right before our eyes.  Her strong will sometimes poses challenges to us as parents but we know that it will prove to be a strength to her as she continues to grow up.  She and Elijah get on each other's nerves quite often and they definitely fight more than I'd wish but as she gets older there are a lot of times when I'm proud of how she is an example to him and can be very patient and sweet with him.  They play together very well a lot of the time.  And of course, her love for baby Betty is unmatched.  She's been doing very well in school and has learned so much already!  Soon she will be a reader and then Ryan and I will no longer be able to spell things to each other if we don't want the kids to know what we're talking about.  ;)  We are so proud of her and hope she knows how much she is loved.

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