Monday, March 23, 2015

Hawaii Nei

Home again!  The trip home was, thankfully, less eventful than the trip to Virginia. 

Here are the kids getting up to their usual things again in Hawaii.  

Cora collecting flowers as we take walks to the temple.

Virginia Summer 2014 Reunion part 2

The beauties of Great Falls Park.

Virginia Summer 2014 Reunion part 1

Happy at the bowling alley!  That was the first thing we did when we got to Herndon!

Traveling to VA

Traveling home to Virginia for our summer visit/reunion was exhausting and crazy! We hadn't been home to Virginia since November 2012 and we were excited to visit again!  We had 3 different flights (the first one was a red-eye) but due to some random severe thunderstorms our last flight got cancelled.  We tried unsuccessfully to get on a different flight but finally had to spend the night in Detroit and catch a flight out the next morning.  But they didn't have any space on flights to DC so we had to fly to Harrisburg, PA and Kevin very kindly volunteered to drive 2 hours away (each way) to pick us up.  

Smiles at the beginning of the first flight.  We kept getting 3 seats together and one across the aisle.  I figured we would take turns trading off sitting with the baby and with the other two but because they only have extra oxygen masks on one side of the aisle, the person on the side with the three seats had to hold the baby, and that had to be me because I needed to be able to nurse Betty during take off and landing and during the flight as well.