Thursday, May 28, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas Eve jammie pics!  We let them open one present early and of course, it was Christmas pjs!  This year I bought these cute little elf and Santa suits instead of sewing some.  Ryan and I got new ones too but not matching this year.

The kids were so excited to sleep in our room Christmas Eve!  We decided to have them sleep in there with us so that we could all come out together Christmas morning, since our room is on the first floor and they would see everything before coming to our room in the morning.  We put Elijah in Betty's crib (since she mostly sleeps in our bed anyway) and moved Cora's bed down and put it next to our bed.  With the promise of Christmas morning and Santa coming when they were asleep they did pretty well, even in unusual circumstances.
The peaceful view after bedtime on Christmas Eve.  (After all the last minute wrapping, etc was done)
Santa came!  The stocking are filled and waiting.  Our kids cling to their belief that Santa fills the stockings, and the rest of the presents are from people (mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, etc.)  I like that because it kind of minimizes Santa's role while still keeping him in the picture.  But we do try to make the stockings really fun.
Mom and Dad got up early (so they had time to get ready and didn't miss out on anything) while the kids were still asleep and took this pic.  Everyone is still sleeping, even the nativity set!
I woke up on Christmas morning to Cora moaning and went over to her bed to discover a pile of vomit in between my toes.  Yuck.  So we had some clean-up to do before we could start our Christmas festivities.  Betty got to come out with Grandma and had to wait patiently while Ryan and I took care of Cora.
First we read the Christmas story from the Bible and act it out with our Fisher Price Little People nativity set.  Then we do stockings, then breakfast, then presents.
Opening their presents from Great Grandma Wei!
A sick little girl and two i-pad junkies ;)
All in all it was a wonderful Christmas season with our little family in our new home, with my parents visiting and being able to make new memories and relive old traditions together.  

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