Monday, May 25, 2015

More October

Betty loves to swing.

Happy and snug in her car seat while we enjoy a musubi picnic dinner at the park.

Love my girlies!

Love my handsome boys!

She loves her baby sister more than anything! (Except maybe her daddy)
The kids love helping vacuum. I love it too!
Elijah especially does it a lot when Cora's at school.
Playing with playdough.  Can you spot the baby?
This is the spot that needs the most frequent vacuuming.
We caught a cool praying (preying?) mantis and observed it for a day.  It is a fascinating insect! We looked up facts about it online and watched some gross videos of them eating other bugs.  
Standing in her crib.  Usually she's not this happy about being put in there though.
We went for a little hike along a path just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, just over the border to North Carolina, maybe about 15 minutes from us.  The kids were feeling kind of grouchy and anti-hiking that day at first, but luckily we brought along a "nature collection bag" and they quickly lost their frowns and complaints in the thrill of finding nature treasures to fill their bag.  It was beautiful fall weather - still pretty warm but crisp.  Betty was happy the whole time, in the carrier.  She was even happier when she got to turn around and face out.

I usually don't post as many pics of just landscapes, without people, but some of these were just so beautiful and really captured the day.

Relaxing and playing in the grass at the park back at the beginning of the trail.
Rolling down the hill (It was more of an incline than it appears in this pic)
Betty's leaf tasting habits made it hard to get everyone to look at the camera.
Still eating leaves.
Betty after church one day.  I love seeing her in Cora's old hand-me-downs!
And I almost forgot to put this pic of me and Kate. We took a quick trip up to Herndon on General Conference weekend and had a nice little visit.  Kate and I both recently chopped off a lot of hair.  

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