Tuesday, February 10, 2015

June 2014

Our big girl on her first day of Bright Beginnings preschool!  We had tried to get her into a session earlier but they were all full for fall and winter, so we were very glad to hear that Cora could do a short summer session with them to get a little bit of preschool in before starting all day kindergarten.  I wasn't too worried about her struggling academically in kindergarten but knew she could use the social practice as well as just getting used to having a school routine.  She was super excited and felt like a very big girl.  She wore the dress I had made for her a few months back and her new owl backpack.  She was enrolled in a three week session, but wound up being sick for the entire middle week so only got two in.  It was only morning for about 3.5 hours but still it did help prepare her for school.

More May

The kids love playing at the elementary school playground sometimes as a break from the TVA ones.  Lately Elijah's been loving watching Spiderman and his Amazing Friends, the old cartoon from the 80s, so he loves playing on the big spiderweb at the school and pretending to be Spiderman.  This time Cora was pretending to be Firestar, Elijah was Spiderman, Ryan was Iceman and Betty was Aunt May.  ;)

Betty's blessing

On Mother's Day May 11th I was so happy to hear Ryan bless our little baby Betty in his YSA ward where he served in the bishopric. She wore the beautiful blessing gown that Grandma Madelyn made when Cora was born. Thanks to Grandpa Doug, Uncle Alvin, Uncle John, Bishop Kehoe and Kent for participating in this blessing with Ryan.  It made Mother's day so special.

We tried to take pics at the temple after church but our kids were less than helpful.