Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This is one of Cora's latest tricks - she thinks it is just hilarious to look up-side-down.It also gives her pretty cool static-y hair.
And this is the look I got, after I didn't let her play with the camera. Little stinker.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Little friends

Lately my days have been filled with - babies and more babies! It's great to have a job I can do in my pajamas, at home with Cora, and she just loves her little friends. The stairs is the cool place to hang out, as you can see.
Late afternoon after naps today I had three very hyper girls on my hands. Enter: Baby Einstein. Apparently Cora was too hypnotized to even notice the camera. I try not to use TV too much during the day, but a lot of times it's the only way I get things done when I need a few minutes of a non-squirming Cora - like for changing her diapers, clipping nails, and taking her temperature.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Today for the first time I put Cora's hair in a ponytail, Pebbles style. She looked pretty darn cute. We've had a pretty mellow week, just missing Daddy and having fun babysitting a lot! She's been my good buddy, keeping me company at night. She's learned to point out my nose and eyes and she loves sitting in my lap to read books - as long as I turn the pages quickly - or she will do it for me. Poor Ryan has been sick over in Boise so we've been praying for him to get better soon. I had a lot of sewing and other craft projects planned to keep me busy at nights, but I've been so tired after I put Cora down that I haven't done much but watch a little TV and then fall asleep - what a lazy bum I am. Last night I finally got busy and did a little sewing. Anyway, here's a few pics of Cora playing with her ponytail in.

Monday, November 2, 2009


We went to Boise this past weekend and spent Halloween with Elise and Eric and all of Cora's cousins. She went trick-or-treating and got a nice stash of candy for her mom and dad. She was the cutest little sushi roll I've ever seen. (Although she looked kind of like a karate kid from the front - especially since the "seaweed" kept bunching up.) Hopefully she's not embarrassed years from now because we made her dress like sushi - I saw the idea in a magazine and thought it was pretty cute. I figure we'll have plenty of years of princess and ballerina costumes once Cora starts having her own opinions.

Ready to go, with a stolen bag from her cousin!
View of the salmon on Cora's back- if you click to enlarge you can see the fish pattern I drew.
Wondering where her stash went - Mom and Dad already squirreled it away.Baby Noelani is so little and cute! I can't believe Cora was ever so small. She wore the little pumpkin costume Cora had last year. We had a pretty fun weekend- Elise was nice enough to babysit for us while we went to the temple Saturday morning, and then we took 1 year and family portraits at Penny's, thanks to Grandma Madelyn for Cora's birthday. The only sad part was on Sunday, when we had to leave Ryan behind and head home by ourselves. :( We miss you Daddy!