Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lunar New Year and Valentines 2016

February started out with a lot of rain and snow melt which created a river in our yard/driveway

Elijah turns 5!

Elijah turned 5 at the end of January and since his favorite thing lately was Hulk, we had a Hulk party.  He helped with some of the preparations by making 4 big melty-bead Hulks for decorations.

It's funny that his favorite superhero is Hulk, because even though Elijah's usually pretty mild mannered, he does have a very intense side.  We sure love this little guy and are proud to call him ours.  5 seems like a big birthday to me and all of a sudden my little Momma's boy is looking very big.  

Snow days!

I just love making my kids look all chubby in layers and layers of snow clothes.  I could not stop cracking up at their cute little round bodies, which is why they look a little grumpy in some of these photos.

Fun at home January 2016

The kids got a new basic Lego set for Christmas to supplement the Legos they had gotten hand-me-down from some nice neighbors in Hawaii and spent a lot of time building all kinds of mansions, vehicles, and restaurants in January.  

Great Grandma's birthday!

We spent Christmas at home but drove out to Illinois on New Year's Eve to visit Grandma for her 90th birthday!  Betty Tam just loves her namesake.