Tuesday, March 23, 2010

XCountry Skiing

Cora with a cheesy/snotty smile and below, with a big cloth diaper butt! On Saturday Ryan and I finally went cross-country skiing while our friend watched Cora for us. We have been wanting to go all winter and finally had the time, just before the end of the season. It was a little icy and slushy and there were some melted spots, but the trails still had snow on them. It was pretty fun, and also a pretty good workout. We have gone several times now but are still pretty amateur because we take so long in between trips. Of course, Ryan looks a lot better on skis than I do - I fell a lot on the more intimidating downhills or curves. But it was a lot of fun - we'll have to make sure we get out more next winter.Last night Ryan went to a Jazz game with some of his friends and I stayed home and made Cora another t-shirt dress. I'm starting to get better at sewing sleeves and finishing the neck so it looks more professional. Trying to wrangle her into taking a picture - finally we just decided to turn on PBS for a few minutes - hence the zoned-out looks in the following pics.I also have figured out that I can put Cora's hair in a ponytail - not just the top but everything! Well, she has wisps of hair still that I can't quite catch, and it starts to fall out pretty quickly, but I had fun doing her hair and we couldn't believe how big it made her look! She is getting a bad habit of always wanting to look at the back of the camera - since we made the mistake of showing her the pictures on the camera - so it is getting impossible to take a good picture of her nowadays because she's always walking towards us trying to take a look.I also made Ryan something this weekend - I did a freezer-paper stencil on a t-shirt for him. The idea and template came from one of my favorite craft blogs, MADE. We are both big Conan fans and sad/mad that he is no longer on the Tonight Show.Cora has been so cute lately. (I probably say that in all of my posts.) Her favorite thing is going outside, and she always brings us her shoes and then goes to beg at the door. She can just about reach the handle, so I guess I will be dead-bolting the door now, so she doesn't escape. As soon as she gets outside she's off, so we really have to watch her. It is slowly warming up here, although it did snow again last night. Her favorite food lately is raspberries, blackberries, string cheese, beans, dried fruit and fried rice. Well, I guess I'm just reporting the healthy stuff - she also loves fruit snacks, teddy grahams (if I mix them she will pick out the chocolate ones and eat them first), and crackers.

She is also loving books lately, and has developed a cute little habit of grabbing my finger and pointing to the picture on the page of what she wants me to tell her about (like a dog, or bird.) She is still not saying very many words but has got down the noises of many animals now - snake, fish, dog, elephant, sheep, rooster, and anything that growls, like a lion, tiger, bear, etc. If she doesn't know what sound an animal makes she will most likely growl.

Tomorrow we are heading up to Boise to visit with family so we should have more to report when we get home.

Friday, March 12, 2010

study buddies

Cora and Ryan studying together - both hi-lighting the important portions of their books - Ryan's notes and Cora's Goodnight Gorilla. (j/k, we didn't actually let her color on the pages, the cap was on for her.)
Ryan says "This is the only way to study. Thanks again Mom and Dad!"
This is how Cora likes to eat now - whether or not we buckle her in, she can wiggle out and stand up. Little stinker.

Monday, March 1, 2010

another t-shirt dress

Well I sewed Cora another t-shirt dress last night, just to try a slightly different style. I made three tiers on the bottom this time, and slightly puffed sleeves. It's not my favorite fabric - it's from a thrifted tie-dye shirt - but I wanted to try it on some material I didn't care about as much before cutting into nicer fabric.