Monday, May 25, 2015

Asheville and more 2014

In November we took advantage of a continuing education conference for Ryan down in Asheville NC and took a weekend trip with the kids.  We took a trolley tour of the city to see a lot of the sights.  Here we are at the beautiful Grove Park Inn.

Amazing view.
 We had to take this picture for Mom, our family wreath maker.
 And another pic for Mom of one of the beautiful Christmas trees.
 Cruising on the trolley.
 The kids and I went to the zoo while Ryan was at his conference.
 It was a cute little zoo with a fun playground too.

 Back at home, the kids couldn't get enough turkey and thanksgiving craft projects.
 Elijah worked on this cute little alphabet one day while Cora was doing her homework.  I love how happy the letters all are!
 I made a set of matching shirts for the girls to wear at Thanksgiving - one for Cora, Aspen and Betty.
 Betty suffering through teething pains.
 Ryan exploring one of the many mountain biking trails around the area.
 My strong muscle man.
 We like to eat lunch outside on the porch when it's nice out and this day was so warm Elijah said he had to take off his shirt.

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