Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guess who's walking?

Well that's a pretty obvious question, but we are so excited! He still doesn't walk to get around but the other night (Feb 7th) he took consecutive steps for the first time! It was cute, he was so determined to do it that night! Just kept getting up and trying again!

Telling us to give him some encouragement - clapping.

Taking a break to make silly sounds

Trying to walk is so tiring!

Some steps! These aren't the first steps but the other videos were too long. Excuse the half dressed kids - we were just finished with dinner clean-up and about to take showers.

Fire Station and new clothes

Cora's preschool took a field trip to the fire station in Hau'ula right next door to the park where we meet. Here are Cora and Ma'ila on the truck. Cora was afraid to go in the truck at first, then she didn't want to come out!
Also, as you can see from her face - totally scared to touch the hose, but she really wanted to do it.Ryan got to come too, since he strained his back and so couldn't go to work that morning - but you can tell from his face he's not very comfortable. Poor guy.
Cora got a package from Auntie Elise of clothes from Madelyn - it was so perfect because Cora really needed some new clothes, she's had a growth spurt lately! They are all so cute and Cora was so excited, she just had to lay them all out and try them on and dance around! Thanks so much Elise and Madelyn!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Elijah's First Birthday Party!

We had Elijah's birthday party on Friday February 3rd. It was a blast! Mom, Dad, John, Heidi and all her family came, as well as Uncle Raymond, Auntie Sunday, Carson, and Lynne. We didn't do the big traditional first birthday luau, but we did make Kalua pig in the slow cooker and had rice, mac salad, green salad and a cucumber salad.

We decorated with balloons and bunting.
Elijah chowing down on pork and rice - one of his favorite foods!We had a full kitchen!
Cora got to the cake while I wasn't watching - silly girl.It wasn't super fancy - just two funfetti cake mix boxes to make a 4 layer cake. I even used frosting in a can to make it easier. Sprinkles on top - Cora's favorite thing.Singing to Elijah - he could tell he had all the attention, he was pretty excited.He was excited to get a slice but unsure of what to do with it.Trying to stick his whole cake-covered hand into his mouth - he had figured it out by then.Opening presents - Cora helped him out with this. His biggest present is still in the works.We sure love this little boy! He is the silliest, sweetest, and most snuggly baby ever! (Yes he may be 1 now but he's still our baby!) He can say Mama, Dada and he babbles a lot. His hair is a definite strawberry blond - it looks pretty reddish in the sunlight but more blond under artificial light. I never thought I would have a red haired child! His eyes have deepened to a beautiful hazel-green. He has the softest skin and deep dimples in both cheeks. He absolutely loves his sister, he loves books, he loves chasing and being chased, he loves getting into everything he's not supposed to have, and he LOVES hugs. He makes us laugh and smile everyday and we love him so!

End of January

Cora always makes us laugh with her funny and particular arrangements of toys - she'll tuck her dolls in under a blanket on our couch, lay all the doll house people face down (sleeping) in a row, put all the animals on the windowsill to look outside, etc. This one was pretty good.
Sometimes you gotta take a break from dancing to suck your thumb and feel your blankie.Elijah's first doodles - he is much less afraid of putting marks on paper than Cora. He colored for a surprising long time before he decided to taste the crayons.One night I told Cora "bedtime" and she said "wait, I need to scoot there." Playing with our birthday boy! We had a family get together for a missionary farewell on Elijah's birthday so we decided to do the party later - pics coming in the next post. But this is us playing with Elijah on his birthday.