Monday, May 25, 2015

Labor day weekend with the Kruses!

On Labor day weekend we enjoyed a visit from the Kruses!  We still didn't have much furniture since our POD had not yet arrived but they didn't mind.  Kevin and the boys actually camped out in the yard, and Ryan and Cora and Elijah did also for one night.  We went fishing at the New River and had a picnic.  At night we had a bonfire in our new fire pit at our house and made smores. Also, Kate introduced me to Call the Midwife, a BBC series, and Malcolm in the Middle, which we've enjoyed on Netflix ever since.  It was a fun relaxing weekend and we loved the time together with them and their great boys. 

Such a great big kid.

Little kids hanging back cautiously while the big boy stirs the fire.

All the keikis.

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