Monday, May 25, 2015

Fall bounty

Cora is always our little nature gatherer.  Here she is showing off a leaf.

We finally got to meet our landlady in person and she brought us all kinds of fun treats!  It was so sweet.  We took this pic of Betty to show off her perfect posture to her Uncle John, who always appreciates Betty's good form.
Here's Elijah boy showing off his fuzzy caterpillar.  Our landlady Jan told us to go over to her other house in town, which is currently vacant, to get apples and pears and chestnuts.  This was taken over there.
Just a few of the apples we collected.  
This was taken in her backyard by the chestnuts.  
Found some cute cozy hats at a local church sale called "Our Lord's Acre." 
Beautiful flowers from Jan, our landlady.
Where's my cereal?
Some of the bounty of fall.  My favorite season!  Chestnuts, apples, pears, flowers, gourds.  
After going over to Jan's other house looking for fall produce, we realized that there were apple trees right at our house too!  They were in the field part of the property, not the lawn, so we hadn't seen them at first. 
A side view of our place from the field.
Here we are experiencing more Fall bounty!  We absolutely had to take a trip to a pumpkin patch.  

We took a hay ride

And got some face painting

It was so much fun and it was a beautiful sunny day for it! 

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