Monday, May 23, 2011


Here are some pics from when Grandma and Grandma came to our house to pick up Johnny. Grandpa playing with Elijah.

Here are my two little sous-chefs - Cora enjoys "helping" me with the dishes. Here is Ryan at a church camp-out this Friday. We have only been in this ward a short while but the people here are wonderful and Ryan has really enjoyed his calling working with the Young Men.On Saturday morning he was able to find some trails around Kimberly that offered good biking, so he was able to enjoy a fun ride - although the trail was covered in some parts by water, since it's been such a crazy wet spring here.Our brown-eyed girl.She found Ryan's beanie and was enjoying being chased by Daddy with the camera.On Sunday evening we took a walk to smell the lilacs that are blooming now. (My favorite flower)Cora was wearing her new circle skirt I had just finished making her, and Elijah was being kept warm with his new quilt I just finished for him. I've made him a couple already but I really wanted a small light one that would be easy for the car and travel, and this is my favorite so far.I thought this image of Cora relaxing with Ryan was so cute - she looks like such a big girl, plopped down that way.Cora wanted to come watch "bideos" on my lap when she saw me looking though our pictures on the computer.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Update on Johnny

We've received a lot of requests for more information about Johnny.

John was on his mission in Dallas TX. He had back problems before his mission but it gave him minimal pain until the daily grind of the mission aggravated it and he started having a lot of pain. He had spondylolisthesis and after a lot of talking back and forth and doctor appointments they decided to put him on medical release and have him see some specialists in Salt Lake. At first they were going to try and avoid surgery but he ended up getting a spinal fusion (L5-S1) on May 5th.

Now he's in Meridian with Elise , still recovering and getting better every day. They decided it would be best if he didn't return to the mission field and he'll be released when he gets back to Hawaii sometime this summer. He was blessed with the opportunity to talk with Elder Christofferson when he was in Salt Lake and he told John that his mission was completed and the Lord accepted his service.

It's been hard to see our little brother going through all that but we've got a lot of respect for him - he's endured a lot of pain and through it all has remained so strong and optimistic.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend in Salt Lake

Here is John and Grandma in the hospital. Johnny was released that day.
Mean scar.
Playing with Elijah.

On Monday we took Cora and her bff Dora to the aquarium. Dad went with us and CW drove up from Provo to join us.
Dora liked seeing all the fishies.
Come on, vamanos! Everybody lets go... Cora and Dora took a ride in a canoe.
It was a fun but tiring morning for both of them.
Elijah playing with Uncle Christopher at Aunt Marilyn's house.

Lo hicimos! (Graduation)

Last weekend we were back in Pocatello for Ryan's graduation! He is now officially Ryan Nielson, DPT. (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

I got into town Friday afternoon and the first thing we did was go to a park to meet our friends who we had missed very much and let the kids play together.Cora and Savannah.That night there was a dinner reception for the PT and OT students and families. My dad was able to make it for the dinner. He drove down from Montana where he was on a business trip. Eric and Elise also drove out to be with us.

At the dinner, Ryan received the Outstanding Academic Achievement award - which means he got the highest GPA of his class! We were (are) so proud of him!

The next morning we went to graduation. Ryan's dad was able to drive up from Salt Lake for graduation and we were so glad to have both of our dads there and Eric and Elise and their families.

Dad and Elijah in the stands. Dad looks like such a grandpa! Which is very surprising to Elijah, apparently. Thanks for coming Dad.
Here is Ryan being hooded. Notice Eric's echoing cheer?

The graduates.
The guys left room for Phil - he wasn't able to make it and he and Kelsey and their girls were sorely missed.My girls - I had to hold back tears - I'm going to miss them so much.All of our friends (except the McCombs.) We were so blessed to have such a great group of friends, all going through the experience at the same time and living so close to each other. When we started school, only four of those kids had been born. Now there are so many more of us!
Our family. We were so grateful they all came out to celebrate with us. They gave us so much support during school and have always been there for us (including the ones who weren't able to be there). We love you all so much! Our little family doubled in size while we were in school.Our dads. Cora was done with pictures at this point.Eric and Elise. Thanks for coming! We're going to miss visiting you whenever we want.After the ceremony we went to Golden Corral for lunch. Here is Cora with Noelani - such a cutie.
We said goodbye to my Dad and Eric and Elise after lunch and headed down to Salt Lake to see Johnny and Ryan's mom. John had surgery on Thursday so he was still recovering in the hospital. Grandma and Grandpa Nielson were also in town so we were able to see them as well, and Aunt Marilyn, at her house.

Here are some pics of Ryan and his mom on his graduation day. Poor John! He's doing much better now than he was then, thank goodness.Whew, there are a lot of exclamation marks in this post. I'm guess I'm still pretty excited and very proud of my husband. He has been so dedicated and put so much hard work into these years of school. It hasn't always been easy but he is an inspiration to me and through it all has been such a wonderful husband and father.

So what's next for us?

Ryan has accepted a job at Kahuku Medical Center and we will be moving to Hawaii in the beginning of July. We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mountain biking

Ryan went to Pocatello a couple days before graduation and was able to go mountain biking. On Thursday evening he and his friend Hector went up to Chinese Peak.

The view from Chinese Peak.
The next day he went to City Creek. This one is looking back at Chinese peak.
These are on the 911 trail - a crazy, but fun part of the City Creek trails.