Monday, April 4, 2016

Ryan's birthday, camping, blackberries 2015

We were kind of tired after the beach house so we had a simple 4th of July, going to the downtown parade with the kids then taking them home and putting them to bed before fireworks.  We'll let them stay up another year when they're not so tired. 
On Ryan's birthday on July 6th he wanted to go for a family hike.  We found a beautiful trail with lots of blooming mountain laurels and wild blackberries!

Birthday hugs

Then we got home and celebrated Ryan's birthday with our friends the Rivas and the Warrs.  I made him a candy bar cake with lots of his favorite candy bars chopped up on the frosting.

Betty helped blow out the candles

I always love having a chance to celebrate Ryan, he's the best husband and father we could ask for and we love him so much!

Here's Betty showing off a romper I made her.  Perfect for hot summer days, I made it out of a nice quality fabric for once, a lightweight cotton lawn.  It was a little bit of an experiment, and a mix of two different patterns, but it came out well and I love the end result.

Betty provided me with a parenting first this week - she pooped in the tub during bath time!  And of course Cora and Elijah had their hands in the tub too, playing with her.

We discovered a treasure trove of blackberries in our yard this year and the kids loved picking them!  

But when it came time to eat them, they were a bit too sour for our tastes.  I froze some and used them in smoothies but we couldn't just snack on them, they were too sour.

We went on a camping trip just close to our house at the New River by Fries with the Rivas family.  It was fun as always and the surrounding were beautiful!

Waking up in the tent - Cora and Elijah slept in their very own tent right next to us.

The New River

Playing with Jose in the morning.

Donuts for breakfast.

More picking blackberries.
Betty didn't seem to mind their sour taste, she picked them right into her mouth!

My handsome boy taking a break to empty his shoe.

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