Friday, April 8, 2016

End of November and Thanksgiving 2015

Here are my cute girls after church one day in matching tights.  I love dressing them up semi-matching.
This boy.  I looked out on the porch and saw him playing with this stick.  I said, "hey, what are you doing?" He said "I have a third leg!"  lol.
It could also be a third arm, as he demonstrated.
I tried to have a get together with a couple of my friends for lunch at the park one day, but it was pretty cold and we didn't last very long out there.
Cora wrote this cute note to Grandma in school one day.
We enjoyed a nice day after school, playing and having Cora do her homework outside.  I didn't get them together but Cora and Betty were both wearing matching pants that I made them.
Elijah found an even bigger stick to play with.
One night Cora wasn't ready for bed because she had an idea in her head of a picture she'd been wanting to draw.  But since it was bedtime, we told her she'd have to do it tomorrow.  She wrote a note to herself so she wouldn't forget her picture idea.  (3 flags, sun, sky, grass)
The Friday before Thanksgiving the kids' school held their Thanksgiving lunch and invited parents to come along.  We came and ate with Elijah first, then Cora.  I didn't get a pic with Elijah but here's Betty thrilled to be eating with Cora at her school.  She just adores those two and always waits impatiently for the end of the day when we go to pick them up.
Elijah made an Indian headband in school while learning about Thanksgiving.  I didn't think they really did that anymore but apparently they still do...  Looks pretty cute on him though!
One Saturday I decided to try out an idea I had found on Pinterest - toast painting with milk and food dye!  Cora didn't think it sounded fun but Elijah loves painting and wanted to give it a try.  I don't usually buy white bread but I got it this time from the discount bakery store specifically for this activity.
It was pretty fun and worked well!  I made a cookie monster one for Betty.
The kids' school has an awards ceremony a couple times a year and this time Cora got a Citizenship award. We were very proud of her.
Elijah also got an award for recognizing all of his numbers, letters and letter sounds.  We are also very proud of him.
We headed up to my parents for Thanksgiving again this year.  It was a fun, pretty laid-back time.  
The weather was nice too, We got to play outside quite a bit and go to the Dranesville playground with cousins.
We were able to just spend some quality time with Great-Grandma.
The kids got semi-obsessed with paper airplanes and made a bunch of different styles with Papa and Uncle Max.
Betty crashed on the couch
Monique and David came up and joined us for our Thanksgiving feast, which was so fun, especially with their cute little kids who are about the same age as ours.  The last time we saw this little one, Londyn, she was teeny tiny.

Betty having fun trying to play Apples to Apples with her cousins.
Mom's beautiful turkey!
Some panoramas Dad took of the gang about to feast.
My momma's boy
It was a really fun Thanksgiving weekend.  We missed the family that couldn't come but had fun with the family that was there.  Thanks Mom and Dad for hosting us again!

When we got back we got busy getting ready for the next big thing - the Nutcracker.  Elijah had started losing enthusiasm for his dance class, and his dance teacher had to come out a couple weeks in a row and tell me she couldn't get him to participate.  So I had to get creative and convince him to keep going.  I got her permission to come in and watch them practice their mouse dance and it was so cute!
Here's my little dancer after class, warming up with a mug of hot cocoa.

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