Friday, April 8, 2016

End of September 2015

I made the kids commit to a Halloween theme early so I could have time to sew everything I would need.  This year we chose a Peter Pan theme, which I loved!  This will have been the 4th year in a row that we've done a family theme, I hope I can keep convincing them as they get older. Last year we were Care Bears, the year before that Ryan and the kids were Little Mermaid characters (Ryan was Eric, Cora was Ariel, and Elijah was a shark)  The year before that, we were all Legos.  I like to make most of the costumes, as much as I can, but I'm not opposed to buying some things, especially if the price is good and they'll be able to be added to the dress-up box and be played with again. This hat from Amazon was a good purchase I think.  Even when I made items for costumes, I like to make things that can be worn again or at least added to the dress-up box.  Like last year, the kids wore their Care Bear hats as winter hats, and their Care Bear pants as pajamas.

This season was Cora's first organized sport experience - soccer.  She liked it for the most part, but as the season went on and her games started being colder and colder and especially after the time change, darker, she wasn't as excited about it. But she was so cute out there and did learn some good lessons about how to play soccer, playing with a team, etc.
Ryan and Cora took a drive down to Winston Salem by themselves one Saturday to get free donuts at Krispy Kreme's dress like a pirate day!  And also to go to Costco.
And they stopped by to get a view of Pilot Mountain.
I often have a hard time getting the kids inside after we come home from school, or church, when it's nice outside.  This day we enjoyed a nice walk around the house after church before heading in.  Betty's wearing a new fall dress I made for her.  It's super simply but I really love it.  The color is not one you usually see on a baby but it suits her so well and looks very festive.  I later added a second line of trim to the bottom though and liked it much better after that.  The fabric is a nice linen-cotton blend.
Attempt at a girl selfie, with Betty climbing up my back like she often does.
I love this big girlie!
And my handsome boy!  His tie looks too short in this picture but really it fits good, it's just the angle and his almost untucked shirt.
Gathering chestnuts.  This prickly Autumn activity is one of the kids' favorites.
More of my soccer girl!  The shirt they gave her was so huge, I really wanted to alter it and could have easily, but they said not to, since we had to give it back at the end of the season.
This pic cracks me up because I remember so clearly each one of my babies going though this shoe-obsessed phase. 
Elijah's been bringing home the cutest little drawings from Pre-K on the back of his worksheets (which he completes very quickly as they're very simple for him)  This is a flamingo (sorry for the sideways pic)
A walrus (also sideways, sorry)
Guy with ball
This was a tricky one - apparently it's a factory machine.
Zebra, sideways again, sorry.
And here are the invites to Cora's party we've been working on! She's going to have a panda extravaganza.  I just took a pic of her invite and texted it to all of the moms.
We had a really rainy spell and went out to explore the yard after a hard rain one day.  The stream which usually just trickles along was running pretty good!
Then I told the kids to go play in the puddles.  My rather fastidious kids took some convincing, but after I promised them that I'd stick them straight in the shower when they were done, and their clothes straight in the wash, they loosened up a little and played.
We had a river form right through our yard, it rained so much!
Elijah inspecting some of the interesting critters that emerged in the rain.
Betty didn't like it that much.  I was supposed to let them play while I made dinner but I couldn't resist playing with them and taking pictures, it looked so fun!  But by the time they were done, they were pretty cold from being all wet.
Some of the "fairy umbrellas" the kids found in the yard after all the rain.

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