Friday, April 8, 2016

November 2015

Nothing like a good example to help you learn dental hygiene!  Betty loves to copy everything they do.
She makes a good arm rest too.
Betty has been getting interested in coloring lately!  She doesn't eat the crayons anymore... much.  She uses her left more than her right.
Cold, wet and muddy girl after a late soccer game.
The kids made signs for Grandma Madelyn's birthday card. I couldn't get them in a good pic all together so we had to divide and conquer.
Here's Cora singing in her 1st grade fall performance.  She really enjoyed learning all of the songs and added music teacher to the list of things she wants to be when she grows up.
We headed up to Wytheville one night and checked out this awesome playground recommended by our friends the Gwynns.  The kids had a lot of fun playing and then we went to dinner.
Betty found a little passageway perfect for her!
Ryan managed to fit through it too.

The kids had no school on Election day so I decided to head town to Charlotte with them to go to Ikea.  We made a day of it, the kids like to go to the kids playplace and then we ate there also.  It was pretty ambitious of me to head down there with all of the kids by myself, but they were great and very good helpers.  Cora got embarrassed and started crying when we ate lunch and she was carrying her tray to the table and spilled it all, and I felt bad because I shouldn't have had her carry it by herself, and it was a little hard to handle carrying Betty and the other tray and shepherding the others - but the people at the tables around us were so nice and jumped up to help me clean it up and then the Ikea workers replaced her plate for free.  The hardest was when we were in the self-serve area, trying to make sure I got all the pieces of the heavy, large things I was buying, and having Cora and Elijah help me with the smaller cart with Betty in it.  The reason I went down was to get this bunkbed.  I did a lot of research online, looking for a bunkbed that wouldn't break the bank and also one that was lower than the standard height, for the kids' room with low ceilings, and I finally found this one from Ikea that fit the bill.  While I was there I also picked up a couple other toy storage pieces for their room.

It took a few days before we found the time to put the bed together, and of course it was not as easy of a process as we had hoped, but eventually we got it all put together and the kids love it.  We had to get a bunk, because of limited space in their room, and it was long overdue, getting them into twin size beds, instead of their little toddler beds (especially for Cora who definitely had outgrown it)  Cora loved being able to stretch out and I think she started getting much better sleep in her big bed.  
Betty loves pretending to talk on a phone - sometimes she uses a play phone, sometimes our phones, sometimes a block or other toy, and sometimes just her hands.  "Hewwo?" She says.
I bought a bunch of bulbs to plant earlier and kept putting it off - I was afraid it would be too late to do it but then we had a good warm spell, perfect for planting bulbs.  The kids helped me out.  I missed Grandma Wei's help, last year she had helped the kids and I plant some of them when she was visiting.  She's a master gardener.  We planted some here and some by the porch.  Hopefully some will last through the winter without being eaten by the critters.
The day was also perfect for playing in the leaves.  We get a lot of leaves in our yard.
Ryan was home by then to join in the fun.
It was still nice this day, perfect for Ryan to come home for lunch and enjoy a nice picnic with Betty.
Fall is such a great season!  My favorite.

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