Monday, April 4, 2016

End of July 2015

Betty eating little baby musubis.  She loves them like the rest of us!
I had to take Betty to a pediatric cardiologist up in Radford one day to get an echo of her heart done because the pediatrician had heard a heart murmur.  It was an expensive procedure but luckily they determined that the heart murmur was innocent, nothing to worry about.
While I took her there a friend from my ward took Cora and Elijah to birthday party of another ward member.  I came and picked them up there and caught the end of the party.  I had to laugh when I watched Cora doing the slip-n-slide they had set up on their lawn - the other kids would run and throw themselves down on their knees or bellies to slide along, but Cora would calmly walk to the start, and sit down and use her hands to push herself slowly along.  She's just like I was when I was little, very cautious.  The idea of running and throwing yourself down on a wet slide is just not something we would do.

We had some excitement one evening when our landlady arranged for the Galax firefighters to come burn a big dump pile left in the field by the previous tenants as a training exercise.  It made a big fire!
These guys love Bob, our local handyman employed by our landlady (who lives out of town.)  He's a sweetheart.

Not the best pic but love the look on Elijah's face!  The library had a fun summer program with guests like this comedic magician, Professor Whizzpop.  The kids really enjoyed it.
After talking about it for about a year I was finally able to get together with my old friends Stacey and Brittany!  We met in West Virginia and just spent one night in a hotel, not doing anything special besides talking and enjoying each other company again!  Betty came along with me but other than that we left the kids at home and just had fun girl time!  Thanks so much Ryan for helping me coordinate that and taking care of the home front.
Betty playing at the park before driving back home with me.
Cute boy showing off his temple of sugar he made in Sunbeams in church.
Cora wanted to make one too.
This is how Betty eats an ice cream bar.

One of our favorite places, Dannely Park by our house.
Same smile.
I made that pinafore for Betty.
Another romper, this time in a peasant blouse style, I made for Betty.  It came out cute but unfortunately didn't last, the eyelet fabric was too thin and it tore.

We took long weekend and went to Mom and Dad's.  On Friday we went to my kids favorite place, the zoo!  Mom and Dad came with us.  It was a fun trip.  
Elijah's favorite, the elephants!
Cora loved the pandas and this trip sparked a panda obsession for our cute girl.
Betty playing with some bones with Papa in a mama-made shirt.

Tired but happy right before leaving.  Betty was wearing a shirt I made, and Cora and Elijah were wearing shorts I made them.  Elijah's shorts were rolled up because he fell and got a bloody knee.
Next we started off a wonderful Saturday with my parents babysitting the kids while we went to the temple together!

Then pho, my favorite, for lunch with Dad!  What could be better?
Ended the great Saturday at Duck Donuts with cousins.  So yummy and fun too!
After church in Mom's beautiful yard.  It was a great visit as always, thank Mom and Dad!
Back home. Love lazy summer days of reading and relaxing.  Betty imitates her siblings by reading on her tummy.

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