Thursday, April 7, 2016

Beginning of September 2015

This sassy girl got her cute little purse at the annual huge Hillsville Labor Day Flea Market.  It makes her look so grown up! She also got the little heart bracelet, a nice vendor just gave it to her as we were perusing.  

The Flea Market is a big deal - it's huge and you can find all sorts of stuff!  We went last year too and enjoyed it.  Last year we got the kids desks from there, and this year we got a cute toy storage bench, along with other smaller treasures.
It was a super hot day so we cooled off with ice cream cones from McD's after. Here are the kids showing off their identical cheesy grins.
Poor baby so tired she crashed right in the chair.
I made some cute pants for Elijah that I really love - they're just simple lounge pants but the shape and details are so stylish, I love them! These are made from a cheap WalMart large men's tshirt.  I also made some for Betty and Cora.
Cora is doing great in school!  Her words have gotten harder since this and she's still doing great.  Although, she doesn't try quite as hard on her handwriting anymore.
Hanging out at the library again.  Such a fun place.
I found a awesome deal on diapers from Walmart -  they were on clearance and had a good coupon, and the price was even way better than Costco, so we decided to stock up.  The kids had fun building with the boxes for a few days before we put them away upstairs.
As soon as she realizes I'm taking pics, she busts out this cheese face!  I can't get enough.
Anticipating cold weather coming, Ryan decided to take the big kids on one last camping trip for the season.  They went up past Elk Creek to Comers Rock to a nice primitive camping site.  I stayed home with Betty.
They had a fun time and then had a nice, slightly wet, exploring hike in the morning.
I also stayed home when they went to this fair or festival, and can't even remember what it was called.  Whatever it was, Ryan took the kids and they had fun!

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