Friday, March 4, 2016

Wei Beach House Summer 2015

It's been a while since we were able to go to the OBX with the Wei family - since before we had kids in fact.  So it was so fun that we were able to join everyone this time and share this tradition with the kids! The OBX is not as tropical or exotic as the beaches in Hawaii but they are still beautiful and I love them maybe even more because of the wonderful memories I have there.
The kids were surprised and not very pleased to discover that two members of the extended family who came to the beach house were dogs.  They ran away in fright as soon as we got there but the next morning my cousin Jack sat down with them and helped them learn how to interact with Sam and feel more comfortable.  They became good friends with Sam before we left.  Betty was pretty scared the whole time though.
 The girls showing off their matching outfits.

 On Mondays, we wear polka dots.
Auntie Kate wore polka dots too!
 Betty was not impressed.
 Collecting shells on the beach.  This girl amassed quite the collection by the end of the week.  We left most of them there.
 A mer-man!
 The family base.
 Braving the waves with Uncle Manny and cousin Aimee.

 Sandy bum kite flying
 Another pair of swim shorts I sewed for Elijah. I loved those ones.  And he had to wear a swim shirt to protect his fair skin from the sun.
 Betty loved the beach!  She loved the sand, the water, they toys, everything!

 If you weren't watching her she'd walk straight into the ocean.
 I made the girls these matching rashguards and swim bottoms.  

 Betty loves Grandma.
 Papa too.
Some of the family pics that Nicole and Aline took for us.  Love this whole group!

 Betty wasn't looking in the best one of everyone else!  Our kids were pretty uncooperative that evening, what else is new?

The whole gang!  I love my family.
 Elijah dragged this stick the whole time on our walk after pictures that evening. 
 One little baby with the power to entertain a whole group of big boys.
 Selfie on the pier after a run on the beach.
 Elijah loved going out in the waves with Uncle Manny.  He's kind of losing his shorts here.
Love Mom and Dad!
 Grandma singing Vietnamese nursery rhymes to Betty Tam.
 Serious work, at play on the beach.

 When Aline gets involved, you know the sand castle is going to be epic!
 These dollar store claws were some of the best beach toys.
 Big holes dug by the cousins!

 Betty tries to get anyone to take her out to the water.

 Love these little beach bums!  It was so wonderful to share the beach memories with our little family and our big family.  

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