Thursday, April 7, 2016

End of August 2015

They're off!  First day of pre-K for Elijah, and first day of 1st grade for Cora.  No tears were shed, although it may have been a close call for me.  Betty did not like being stuck with just me all day.  But the kids did great!  They like their new teachers and classes.  Ryan walked them up the first day, and I kept walking Elijah into his class for a couple more days after that, and then he was ready to go on his own!
Above taken on our porch, below at the school.
Exploring our yard after the second day of school.  Elijah holding an apple from one of the apple trees.  There are a couple on the property but the apples they give are generally small, very bug eaten, and sour.  And also too high for us to reach until they fall.
Lunchtime solo with this girl gives us a chance to work on those self feeding spoon skills! This was on the first day of school.
She stole my spoon instead of her baby one.
And had to go straight into the shower when lunch was over.
My pretty girl keeping me company in my sewing room.
Elijah modeling the new shirt I made for him.  It's pretty wild but he loves it.  I've had that fabric for a while, back when he was really little and did the cutest little lion roar.  Back then he hadn't decided that elephants were his favorite yet and he loved lions.  That was around when he was 1 1/2.
More modeling, this time a cardigan I made for him for school.  I love that grandpa style!
Cora posing downtown near a cool old car one Friday night after the first week of school.  We had gone to Hardees, by the school, as is turning out to be our back-to-school tradition.  Then we walked to downtown.  Galax has several car shows during the year and we enjoyed looking around at all of the cars this time.  
The next morning on Saturday there was a ward primary activity that I missed taking the kids to due to a headache/allergies so to make it up to them we hit up the little local farmers market for breakfast and then went to the library.
I love a little baby in a simple white onesie.
One Saturday Ryan went with the Rivas and Tim Vanatter from the ward to the Mt Rogers hike.  They saw a lot of wild ponies along the way.
And captured a lot of amazing views.
More spoon practice.
Big brothers are the best!  Elijah loves "reading" to Betty.  I love seeing how sweet he is and hearing his high little voice when he talks to her.
We checked out the Carroll County Fair in Hillsville by the Ladybug Girl playground, it was lots of fun!  We went with our good friends the Warrs and hung out together.  They had lots of fun things, some of which we got pics of.  Like burlap sack slides.
A rather rickety Ferris wheel that gave me major anxiety as I went up with my precious children.
And a cool corn maze the children really enjoyed running around in and finding the clues.
I was a little nervous about sending the kids off on this train ride by themselves, in case Betty decided to ditch, but Cora did a great job with her and she was safe and had fun.
Just hanging out one day at Felts Park.  This girl is strong!
There's my little lion one day after his shower, playing around, showing me his fierce face. He was very tickled with this pic I captured.

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