Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beginning of August 2015

One hot day we played at the city pool.  The kids loved it.

They were a little chilly in the water though.
Ahh, warming up on the hot pavement feels so good!
Cora made a cute little melty bead camera necklace one day when she was feeling creative (which is pretty much every day)
I made another summer romper for Betty, even though summer was coming to a close.  This time it was made out of a nice linen/cotton blend material.
Galax has so many fun festivals and events downtown.  This night was National Night Out. The kids had fun on the pony ride.
Except for Betty who hated it.
They also had fun exploring a police armoured vehicle and getting balloons.
We got to meet up with Stacey and Jeff and their cute kids at the Ladybug Girl park on August 5th when they were driving home from Stacey's parents in NC. (The park is just off the freeway.)  It was so fun to play together a little and see their family!
Galax's big annual event that the town is known for is the Fiddler's convention in August.  It happened the week before we moved in last year so this was the first time we were able to experience it.  It was fun!  Great fair/festival type atmosphere with great music.  

We didn't eat at this place though...
Ryan did choose to get a plate from here.
Just eating some gator.  He said it tasted like fishy chicken.
Betty and Elijah were so cute, dancing to the music.  Cora was too embarrassed to join them though.
This was at the side of the stage.

I took a last summer trip to my parents for a few days by myself with the kids while Ryan worked.  Nicole and her kids came too and we got to hang out with Kate while we were there as a last sister/cousin low-key summer hangout time before school started back up. The kids found Mom's old Halloween costume stash while we were there and they tried on some wigs and costumes.
Just a stinky face from the baby back at home.

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