Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Cora got a couple of cute books in the mail today from our old friends Brandon and Tonya! She really likes them. Thanks guys - so sweet. We miss the days when we lived right next to you - automatically spending every weekend night together and staying up til 4 am playing Risk (boys against girls, of course) while JT slept in our spare room. Hopefully we'll someday live closer together - and introduce our little girls who've never met!

Here's Cora enjoying one of the new books.

I'm so excited, Cora's actually starting to enjoy looking at books and being read to, instead of just always trying to eat them. (At least until she starts teething again.)

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  1. Cora's getting so big...we definitely need to see her soon. Sorry the package was late. As usual things are crazy around here :)