Thursday, October 1, 2009

busy busy

Well my mom came to visit - it was a fun trip as always, although too short. Cora started walking while she was here, so that was pretty exciting! Mom also got to help me out with my crafting quite a bit - we spent several hours wrapping cord with fabric for my baskets. Here we are up by the pillars on Monday.

I have been super busy lately getting ready for a craft fair! The Sugar Plum Craft Show, at the Ramada Inn in Chubbuck. It starts today, and goes til Saturday. I finally got all my stuff together last night and went to set up at about 11 pm. Here is my table - not as professional as others, but hey, it's my first show. Mostly what I have are baby leggings, and cloth baby blocks. I've got a few baskets, and will probably add a few more before the show is over. I've also got one pair of baby shoes for display, and an order form for more.

So yesterday when I was getting ready to go set up, it looked like this outside - snowy! Ridiculous. The day before, it was in the 80s and we had our windows open.

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  1. Wow Sarah! You are so talented! I would love to come and purchase something from your table that "Sarah's SEWN," I love that. We miss you guys so much. BUT, I'm so happy to see you guys here on your blog doing so well and staying so busy. I can't believe Cora is turning one and walking! We would love to see her. Jordan said, "Tell Uncle Ryan he said we would see her before she is two!" Hope your craft fair is a huge success! I'm so impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!