Thursday, October 29, 2009

getting civilized and sassy

Cora has gotten to be quite the sassy girl. Just look at this look she's giving me here. Although, how can you not have sass, when you have such an awesome hairstyle after your bath.On the other hand, she's also getting to be very civilized! We got another package in the mail today, this one from Auntie Aline. It had a bunch of fun things, including two very cute books, a fun wall decoration from Japan, and a Hello Kitty dining set. Thank you Auntie! We love it. (Really Cora does like it - don't believe this face here.)
So after opening the gifts, it was Cora's dinner time. I decided to see what she would do with the dishes, since we haven't really ventured there yet - she still drinks from a sippy cup and eats off the tray.
She loved drinking from the glass - she even started drinking one handed!

Just checking if there's anything left. Got confident enough to wave it around a bit.But wasn't so pleased when she got splashed with water.She also had a lot of fun eating out of a bowl with a spoon.Well, kind of.

In all, it wasn't nearly as big of a mess as I thought it would be. She didn't dump food or get it all over herself at all. Such a big girl.

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  1. thats so funny that she picked up the food and put it on her spoon. i LOVE it. :)