Wednesday, October 7, 2009

birthday girl!

I decided to make the birthday girl pancakes for breakfast! She liked them. (This is a face we have been seeing a lot of lately - not sure why exactly but it sure is funny.)
Playing during the day in her #1 birthday shirt I made for her using reverse applique.
She liked the presents we got her - a set of wood blocks and two fisher price "little people." Unwrapping was fun too.We are having a little party on Friday night when Uncle Christopher comes, so we just had a little cheesecake last night. Cora really liked it. She was pretty clean though, didn't even rub any in her hair!This is a bad pic of me this morning taking my cute "twins" out to Shawna's house. And here is Cora enjoying the present from Auntie Nicole that came in the mail today. She also likes the new Baby Einsteins from Auntie Katie. Thanks Nic and Kate! Meet Dolly. She has messy hair with split ends, and oddly skinny, long limbs. I stayed up late last night making her for Cora - a late birthday present. My second project on the new machine - such fun to use!

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