Monday, October 5, 2009

mooses, craft buddies, still zero!

Ryan went moose hunting with Uncle Neal and some of his cousins last Thursday and Saturday. They sighted a couple of mooses on Thursday but decided to wait for a bigger one. But he had a lot of fun, hiking around and enjoying the beautiful scenery - snowy but beautiful.
So I posted about my craft fair last week - unfortunately it didn't go so well - didn't even sell enough to make the cover fee. I don't think any of the vendors did, really. It wasn't very well advertised or attended. However, I still had fun, getting all of my things ready, and learning new things. I will probably go the internet route from now on. But I can't complain - one of the vendors next to me had a really cute dress form bow holder that my friend Shawna really liked. We both took a look at it and figured out how to make it - which we did, after at trip to Jo-Anne's, while the guys were at Priesthood Session. So, we decided to have a regular craft night, and already have many projects planned. I'm so excited to have a local friend to share in my craft obsession! (My mom and mother-in-law get excited about crafting too, but they live at other ends of the country.) We can even sew together - I'm going to let Shawna borrow my old sewing machine too, because...

I got a new sewing machine! A very early birthday present from my parents! Thank you so much you guys, I'm so excited! It's a really nice machine that can do all sorts of things - I stayed up very late the night I got it, reading the manual cover to cover. So stay tuned for many exciting projects I'll get to show off soon. Here are some pictures of our craft night, and me loving my awesome present! So tonight is Cora's last night of being zero years old! This time last year I was just starting to get the feeling that I would be in for a long night. Here's some pics of our baby today. Sorry the first one is so blurry - but the look on her face is just too cute.
See? Still our baby. Just having a little snack of milk - although it is whole milk now, not formula.


  1. Very cute bow holder! And, I can't believe you guys have seen snow already. It has just barely cooled off to a tolerable 90 degrees here in AZ. Last, but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cora! :-) Yay!

  2. so cute :) do you make bows? im getting into it and love it.