Monday, January 12, 2015

More from April

Getting a little out of order in my catching up on the blog.  Most of these pics were from back in April.
Taking the babies to the playground in the baby carriers I made them.
Betty never really got in the habit of taking a pacifier... even though we tried.
Betty modeling a onesie that I sewed.  I also carved the stamp and stamped the fabric for this one. 

Our amazing OB/gyn Dr. Li-Duen Clark who delivered Betty 8 weeks earlier.  She was so great.  I haven't really had a bad experience with an ob/gyn yet (knock on wood) but she was definitely the best.
The dreaded tummy time.

The aftermath of a bad fall by the playground one day.  It was a very bloody and traumatic walk back with crying kids who had to walk on their own since I was carrying Betty.  He cut the inside of his mouth pretty good and got blood all over everything, but it looked worse that it actually was and healed quickly.  The hardest part (once we got home and got cleaned up) was that it hurt him to eat for a while until it healed.
Chilling with Grandpa.
A real smile from Betty in response to Cora playing peek-a-boo with her.  This was becoming more common but still relatively elusive and hard to catch on camera.
OtterPops are a part of our daily diet around here. 

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