Thursday, January 8, 2015

Birth day!

On March 9th at 4:52 am our baby girl arrived!  She was 7 pounds even and 20.5" long. She was healthy and beautiful and we fell in love with her instantly.  

The story of her birth day is definitely one we will not forget anytime soon.  On Friday the 7th my contractions started.  It was a very rainy day and we had made a trip to town to buy a headboard for our bed from someone off Craigslist.  We barely managed to get it into our car and I squeezed between it and Cora in the back seat for the ride home.  That was when the contractions started coming.  They slowed down when we got home however and so we put the kids down and had a normal night.  I kept getting woken up by random contractions in the night and so didn't sleep well but they were very irregular still.  The next morning I didn't feel any.  

On Saturday the 8th we went to Hukilau Cafe for breakfast with Ryan's parents and when we came home decided to rearrange the furniture in our bedroom with my mom's help. While we were doing that we decided to maybe wash our curtains so we sent Ryan out to see if our neighbors were using the washing machine (that we share.)  He was gone for a while but I didn't think anything of it because I was busy cleaning in the room.  Then I heard him calling me from the front room.  When I came out I found some of our student tenants from the back house by the door and Ryan lying on the floor all bloody and muddy.  He had gone around back to talk to the neighbors and slipped on the wet cement and hit his head.  Luckily one of the girls was doing dishes and saw him fall from the kitchen window.  After a short while when she noticed that he wasn't getting up she told her roommates to go check on him and they found him unconscious.  They called for an ambulance and tried to get him to stay still when he came to but he insisted on walking back to the house.  So they supported him and brought him to our front door.  Ryan doesn't remember any of this, he was awake and talking but doesn't remember anything til the paramedic came.  He had a pretty nasty gash on his forehead that the girls were keeping pressure on with a towel.  We weren't sure what may have happened to his neck in the fall so we let the ambulance take him to the ER and check him out.  He kept saying "what happened" and he was feeling funny in his arm.  Cora kept away from him the whole time he was lying there bleeding but Elijah was pretty curious and even came close and poked Ryan's head wound before I could stop him.

Not sure what made me want to take a picture of his blood puddle outside - it was fairly washed out by rain by the time I went back there.  But Ryan was interested in seeing it so I'm glad I did.  
Taking precautions in case his neck was injured.  
I left my mom with the kids and followed the ambulance to the ER at Kahuku.  Ryan got cleaned up and stitched up and they took x-rays to see if anything was broken.  He had pretty huge bruises on his shoulder and hip along with his head gash.  I took this pic after his stitches to show him what it looked like.  Later he asked me why I didn't take a picture of his wound before it was stitched, or a video of the doc sewing him up, lol. It was pretty gross, looked a lot worse and bigger before it got stitched, but it didn't occur to me to take a picture of it.  Basically besides the bruises and cut on his head they said he had suffered a pretty good concussion.  He was instructed to go home and rest, to expect a lot of pain and nausea, take some pain pills and I was supposed to check on him at least every two hours if he was sleeping to make sure he was still able to talk sensibly, his eyes looked ok, etc.  
Unfortunately, I had a feeling already when we were at the ER that Ryan might not be in for a restful afternoon and night.  My contractions came back while Ryan was still at the ER, and even though we got home and I tried to rest and make them go away, they just kept coming.  Here's a pic of Ryan after coming home, still bleeding a little bit.
So we tried to rest for the remainder of the afternoon, but eventually we couldn't ignore my contractions any longer and decided to go ahead and head to the hospital.  Our great friends Heidi and Dan Scott took Cora and Elijah for the night and we went to the hospital around 8.  We went to Castle Medical Center which was about an hour away.  Labor was relatively uneventful; the nurses took great care of me and Ryan as well.  I did get an epidural and finally baby arrived just before dawn Sunday morning March 9th.

One of our friends took a look at this pic of Ryan and said, wow, labor must have been rough!  Sarah really beat up Ryan.
Ryan using one of the baby diaper ice packs for his head.  The nurses kept him well supplied with ice.

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