Monday, January 12, 2015

Early May 2014

More cute cheeks

Smooshy face!

Sharing smiles with beautiful Auntie Heidi and sweet Marcus! 
Another beach trip - this time the kids actually got to go in the water and play around. We went to our favorite spot, alligator pond.  It was nice and calm for the kids.
Elijah being silly.  Playing "pregnant" with his baby.
Again with the sticker all over his legs.  It's funny until it's time to take them all off...
What happens when a three year old tries to blow dandelions like his big sister.
Taking a walk with a scavenger hunt list to the temple. Elijah found his leaf and Cora is showing off her "Elsa braid."
Family of baby-wearers. If she is awake Betty much prefers facing out like Cora and Elijah's babies.
My beautiful girls after church

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