Sunday, January 11, 2015

Easter fun

Betty in a new mama sewn dress for Easter.  It only fit for a couple months then it became Cora's bunny's dress.
Easter egg dyeing with the kids!  We used rubber bands to get fun stripes and also tried something new this year - using temporary tattoos on the eggs.  It was fun, easy for the kids, and didn't make too much mess.  We even had Easter themed tattoos leftover from last year.

This year I stayed home with Betty and Ryan took the kids to the annual Gunstock Ranch Easter egg hunt which is always lots of fun. After the egg hunt they got to take rides on the horses.
Taking pics ot the kids after church on Easter Sunday.  This year only Betty got a new mama-sewn Easter outfit but at least Cora's dress is one I made previously and Elijah got "new" church shorts (hemmed to shorts length from too short and hot church pants).
Found this on my phone - the kids like to play with my camera and take selfies.
Taking pics with grandma and grandpa after church on Easter Sunday.  We also did a little egg hunt at our own house - the Easter bunny brought a few treats for the kids and had the very smart idea to have a color coded Easter egg hunt this year - so the kids didn't fight over who could find eggs faster, instead Elijah found blue and green eggs and Cora found pink and purple.
The first time I let Cora hold Betty standing up.  I was a little nervous but she did great!  (I was only an arms length away)
Jon and Tiani were so nice to open up their home to the family and host an Easter gathering with a Easter egg hunt in their yard.  It was drizzling on and off but did not affect how much fun we had!

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