Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Betty's blessing

On Mother's Day May 11th I was so happy to hear Ryan bless our little baby Betty in his YSA ward where he served in the bishopric. She wore the beautiful blessing gown that Grandma Madelyn made when Cora was born. Thanks to Grandpa Doug, Uncle Alvin, Uncle John, Bishop Kehoe and Kent for participating in this blessing with Ryan.  It made Mother's day so special.

We tried to take pics at the temple after church but our kids were less than helpful.

Outtake shot - this is what most of our pics looked like.
Big cousin Troy with Betty!
Picnic in the front yard! We did this a lot.  Always helped the kids' moods.
Here's Betty modeling one of the onesies I made for her.  I carved the stamp, stamped the fabric, and sewed it into a onesie.  It was a fun project.
Betty experimented with thumb sucking a bit but it never really stuck.
Chubby baby waiting her turn to get dressed for church one day. When I came back to get her she was scooted down so far she almost fell out of her bouncer!  She got good at getting out of the bouncy seat and a couple of times even fell out before I realized I had to buckle her in every time.  

More real smiles!
We were so proud to watch our Troy boy take over from big brother Jason as little Mana in the night show at the PCC!  He did such a great job!
Betty chilling like a boss at the water park.
Showing off the little bonnet I made for her.  Can't beat an old fashioned bonnet for the cuteness factor and also for staying on her head and keeping the sun off her face.
I can't remember the reason we wanted to take a family photo at the temple this week but I do remember how hard it was to get a good one. We tried inside first but they all turned out dark and our kids were very uncooperative, again, as you can see below in the best one we were able to get.
Once Betty came along Cora and Elijah had lots of fights about who would get the extra seat in the stroller.  We wanted to just get a single stroller and make them both walk sometimes.

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