Monday, June 2, 2014

Waiting for baby 2014

Here are some more things that we got up to in the month before the baby arrived.

These are a couple of tops I sewed for Cora.  I made these two and one other that I didn't get a picture of that she never wears - so frustrating!  I love them but she doesn't - even though she said she did when I was making them and even gave me input on details like the pockets.  It's really hit or miss sewing for her and even though I try to pay attention to things like comfort and details she likes, like front buttons, floral fabric, pockets, etc, nothing is a sure bet except maybe pink floral.  

 Cheering for the Broncos on Superbowl Sunday.
 Hiking Manoa Falls with our friends Brandon and Tonya who were visiting.  It was beautiful and the kids really enjoyed the hike.  Especially since they got to use Elijah's new explorer vest and binoculars from his birthday.

 Beautiful falls.  And yes it was a hot and humid day but I made everyone hike in pants because of the mosquitoes.  

 Elijah getting his first x-ray.  This pic cracks me up.  After a week of going through his soiled diapers looking for the missing penny he claimed to have swallowed, it was a relief to find out there was nothing in his tummy.
 Bashfully dancing at half time at a BYUH basketball game.
 Reading time for Cora during Elijah's naptime. She has always been the queen of setting up toys in a very complex and specific arrangement and then getting upset when it is "messed up."
After I had some early contractions my mom decided to change her flight and come out a week earlier than she had planned originally.  Of course after she came the baby decided to wait another week and a half but I was very grateful that she was here anyways.  I got sick with a bad cold right when she arrived and she really helped me get through that last bit of pregnancy and get my house and everything in order for baby to come. My mom is amazing!  

These pics were taken a couple of days before baby came on a morning walk to Temple Beach with the kids. 

 Elijah's fake "cheese" smile.

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