Friday, March 4, 2016

June 2015 Part 2 more hiking and camping

We took a family hike to Hanging Rock State Park and explored the waterfalls and pools.  It was very fun and beautiful!
Kind of dark but here's Betty in the hiking backpack.
These two look so much alike! I think it's time to sew Elijah a new adventure vest.  And maybe Cora and Betty too.
She wanted to be free to go everywhere!  She was all wet by the time we were done.  Luckily it was a hot day.
Taking a break
You can't see it in the pic but there was a beautiful view back there!
Conked out on the way home.
Playing at a park in Wytheville while the car in having a repair at the dealership.  There was a little festival going on and the kids got balloons there.
We took a hike up the New River Trail with my Activity Day girls from church and their families.  It was really fun!  It took longer than we planned though, they were kind of dragging by the time we were done.
Snack break!
Liz Kohl is the other leader with me.  Jonathon is about half a year younger than Betty and they are friends.
The day before the beach house Cora got to go on a Father/Daughter camp-out with Ryan. She enjoyed her alone with him just as much as Elijah had earlier.  Such great memories for them.  And both times the one who was left home with me got to stay up watching movies and sleep in my bed at night so they loved that too.  

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