Friday, March 4, 2016

June 2015 graduation, camping, swimming suits and ballet recital

Cora's cute little kindergarten graduation!

Her teacher Ms. Walker was so great with her and really helped her transition to the mainland and to school easy!  We're going to miss her next year.
Cora with her cute little friend Sophia.
More posing by Cora's artwork.
 We decided to spend one weekend visiting Ryan's cousin Zach at his graduation from Shawnee State University in Portsmouth Ohio.  It was a hot hot day but lots of fun to catch up with family who we haven't seen in a long time.

Elijah got to go on a Father/Son camp-out with Ryan and had so much fun!  He's usually my mommy's boy but said he didn't miss me at all!
He's holding some kind of bug I think.
The next night was Cora's spring ballet recital, it was so sweet and she did great!  She had some stage fright but she overcame it and really enjoyed her performance.
Sibling love.
Hot days mean it's time to get out the kiddie pool! We got it last year to try to keep Betty contained while we unpacked the house but now we get to use it for its intended purpose!  We might need a bigger one though....
I decided some new swimsuits were in order for the kids, before we went to the beach house with the family.  I sewed up this one as a copy of the suit Ladybug girl wears in one of Cora's favorite book series.  It was my first attempt at sewing swimsuits and there was definitely a learning curve, but while the suit may not have been perfect it was at least wearable.  I loved being able to put her in a suit that was not pink, purple or sparkly, with no obnoxious characters, and that had adequate leg and bum coverage.
She liked it too.
Betty was not as pleased with her suit, which was understandable, since my first attempt was way too tight and I had to try again to make her one.  Luckily it takes very little material.
The library had a fun summer series with visiting guests.  This week it was a funny and talented balloon lady!
Here was my first attempt at swim shorts for Elijah.  They did have that old-school look I was going for, but the fit wasn't quite what I wanted.  I ended up making him another couple of pairs that was tighter and shorter for the beach house.  Luckily those don't take much yardage either.  I love the Euro-shorts style for little boys so much more that those baggy board shorts.  I'm pretty sure my grandpa had a pair that looked a lot like these... Elijah was kind of grumpy that day.  I don't remember why but it's a good chance it had something to do with sharing space or being splashed in the face by Cora.
I always feel (self-inflicted) pressure to make something matching for the 3 little girls (Cora, Aspen and Betty) before we have a family reunion.  I was running low on time, as always, but was pretty pleased with these little shorts I managed to come up with in matchy but not identical dots.  
You might notice Cora's cute smile is missing some teeth lately - she's been losing them like crazy!  One time the tooth fairy brought her 6 whole pennies, she was so excited!  (And the looks on her cousins' faces were priceless when she excitedly told them about it, haha)

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