Friday, March 4, 2016

May 2015 part 2

This just makes me smile.  Love my girl.

Our little friend Jose Rivas was turning 10 and his family asked me to make him his cake.  I am no expert at cake decorating so I invested in some silicon Lego molds (he really likes Legos) from Amazon, figuring I'd probably get some more use out of them down the road, and made little candies to decorate these cupcakes and the cake.

Here's the gang at his party - our family, the Rivas, and the Warrs.
Ryan was able to go mountain biking a couple times this month and brought home some great pictures of the beautiful area that we live in!
My cute little kindergartener working on her homework.
More beautiful scenery from mountain biking.
These two buddies are going to miss each other when Elijah starts school next year.
Nighttime reading ritual.
Now for more sewing showing off!

Not the best pic, Cora was eating an oreo, but I wanted to get a pic of her cute outfit, with these shorts I made.  I really liked them but they were made of the same cheap Walmart material as the girls Easter dresses and they didn't last in the laundry, staining everything around them, and coming out blotchy and ridiculously wrinkled.
I made this little shirt for Betty as a wearable muslin, to see how the pattern would work as a shirt. 
This little shirt I loved for Betty.  It's from the Ice Cream top pattern from Oliver & S, made with lovely double gauze fabric.  She's got room to grow in it for now.  
Enough about sewing, now on to the topic of: wildlife in our yard!  Here's one of our resident groundhogs.  Pretty cute little guys.
And here's a possum Ryan snapped one evening - not quite as cute, in my opinion.
Maybe it was the warm weather, getting outside and running around a lot, but May was quite the month for kids falling asleep in crazy positions.  Here's Betty getting a good stretch while she sleeps.
Elijah made a nest, buried his face in it, and fell asleep.
Betty at the table.
All twisted up.
Not exactly a strange position but pretty cute.

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