Friday, March 4, 2016

May part 1 2015

I love Elijah's intent looks.

Betty after church one day in a dress from my mom.
I love dandelions.  They are the flowers of motherhood.  I dread the day when my kids no longer offer me dandelion bouquets in chubby little hands.
Also blowing dandelions is our favorite.  Spreading weeds?  More like spreading joy!

Dandelions are delicious too.

I'm so happy I caught this look on Elijah's face.  It's one that we see a lot.  Every once in a while he just gets this serious urge to rub Betty's head.  
Betty loves chalk on the porch.

Distracting Cora from her homework.
We got to see some of Cora's cute artwork (I think hers was the yellow one on top) the night of her cute kindergarten concert.  She got to have a special part in "Frog went a courtin' " and it was so cute.  Betty and Cora are in matching homemade shorts.
Tried to get a pic of my cuties after church but they weren't really cooperative.
Crazy day at school!  Cora had a lot of fun with it.
This monkey is so proud of herself for climbing on top of the end table.
She is a crazy girl sometimes!
Elijah got sick around this time - Cora had it first then passed it on.  He woke up one day and said "My body is so heavy today!  I can't even hold it up.  Not even crawling.  It's too heavy."  Poor guy.  I told him I knew the feeling.

Cute chocolate moustache
We took a trip down to Mt. Airy, NC, also know as Mayberry, birthplace of Andy Griffith, for Ryan to participate in a clogging show in the Mayberry Days festival.  I only took videos and no pictures of Ryan dancing, but he did great!  It was so fun to watch.  It was a hot hot day and after Ryan danced we took some pics of the kids in the old tractors on display.  (I made Elijah's shorts, they are a larger version of an old favorite that he had outgrown.)
Cora was a little embarrassed and not very enthusiastic about the pictures.
This girl loves her sister!  I love that toothless grin!  Her teeth are falling out non-stop lately!
These faces crack me up.

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