Wednesday, December 30, 2015

April 2015

Been enjoying the warm weather a lot this month by eating lunch outside.  This girlie always has to put one foot up!

This guy decided it was too hot for pants.

 Got to protect that bald head from the sun with the cute hat Auntie Aline gave her!  
 Playing peek-a-boo!
 My cute girls in bucket hats.
 The boy with no pants.
 More exploring the yard.

 I love my big girl Cora!  She's got her own sense of style for sure.  I can't convince her to wear her hair up in braids or ponytails very often, or accessorize, but when she does, she insists on having her clips or bows right in the middle of her head right on the hairline.  
 She's still working on the matching thing - hey - if a skirt has flowers and a shirt has flowers, it matches, right?
I made these super bright rainbow shorts for Cora against my better judgement.  They are possibly the loudest, most obnoxious thing I've ever made and Cora and I both love them.  Rainbows, gold, comfy, with pockets, what else could you ask for in shorts?  Cora got the iron-on appliques from the sweet babysitter at the gym and wanted me to put them on her shirt, she told me where they should go and I ironed them on.  
Love that toothless smile!
 Cora finally got her chin band-aid free in these last pics - it's been a difficult few weeks trying to take care of that wound.  Chins are not a good place for a gash.  There's not even a cool story to go along with her scar - she got it one night at ballet when she was squatting on the floor listening to the teacher, and she lost balance and fell face forward onto the floor.  It wasn't far to fall but she managed to split her chin open doing it.  So Ryan had to take her to the urgent care place just before it closed to get it taken care of.  The guy there wanted to glue it up, to try and minimize scarring, so we let him, but we should have gone with stitches, in retrospect.  We were supposed to keep the glue dry, which we tried our very best to do, making Cora hold a wash cloth over her chin every time we brushed her teeth, etc. and we were were supposed to just leave it alone until it came off on it's own, but by the time it finally did that, the wound underneath had become infected and was gross with pus and stuff.  So we had to keep cleaning it and re-bandaging it and Cora had to go on antibiotics and it was a long messy ordeal for the poor kid.  But now it's finally behind us and all that's left is a small scar underneath her chin which will probably fade.
 Here are our beautiful tulips in full bloom that Great-Grandma helped us plant!  They make us happy every time we see them.
 Here is Betty getting a rare chance to roam free in my sewing room.  
 So many fun things to get into!
 Here's Ryan with his cousin Cassie and her husband Aaron and the kids.  Betty and I weren't feeling well so we didn't make it to the ward temple trip but since they had a Primary activity planned at the next-door park to the temple Ryan went ahead and took Cora and Elijah with him and left them at the activity while he went inside. It was really nice for all of us and it was nice to get the chance to meet up with family!
 Betty hanging out with her friend Gabriel one day when I watched him and his siblings. It's so nice to be able to put the portacrib outside on the porch!
 Towards the end of the month Ryan went down to Charlotte for a continuing ed conference so I decided to take a weekend trip up to my parents to hang out with them and Kate a bit!  I even made it to see Mom's famous lilacs in bloom which is a sight and fragrance I have missed for many years.
Here's Betty enjoying watching her cousins play baseball! 
 Elijah blowing dandelions back home at the park.
 I got to take this beautiful bouquet of lilacs home from Mom's bush.  Such a beautiful sight and smell!

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