Monday, July 23, 2012

More pics (from Elise's camera)

 Here are some more pics of Elise's visit I got from her camera before she left. 

Troy and Riggs - they made up a cute little "secret handshake."

 4th of July:
 Ko'olina Lagoon
 Haha I love a good kid in a snorkel picture.  Troy:
 Beautiful sunset captured by Jedd.
 Temple pictures!  It's a tradition...
 The grandkids...good looking bunch- except we're missing two cute little redheads and one cute little towhead. :(
 Elijah tripped over his shoes at church and got a fat lip.  (Not used to wearing shoes)
 We went to Pearl Harbor with Elise's family the Saturday before they left.
Elijah's eyes have lost their baby blue hue.  
 Playing at Hukilau the afternoon before they flew out.  One last hurrah.
 Cute little girly cousins.
 Little dancing girl.
 Elijah kept climbing in Jonah and Riggs' holes.  So we buried him and watched him try to get out.
 Ryan taking Riggs for a ride.
 And Madelyn.
 And Cora wanted a turn - she's not as good at holding on without choking as her cousins.
We love and miss you, Petersons!  It was a great visit and we already can't wait to see you all again.

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