Monday, January 14, 2013

The end of summer, 2012

 Well it's finally time for me to catch up on the blog.  After Elise and her family left we had a pretty uneventful summer.  Here are just some pictures of the kids hanging out.

Mom and Elijah looking at the elephants at the Honolulu zoo.

 Cora and Elijah made a man out of the shoes in the entryway.
Cora in her pretty white nightgown, giving her "princess" pose.
Troy and Elijah
 Elijah and Cora in matching homemade bow-tie and dress at the temple.
 Swinging at the beach
 John's birthday.
 We started riding the bike path a lot as a family after Ryan got home from work. 
 I bought this bike from my good friend Bitsy when she moved away and love it so much!  The kids fight over who gets to sit in the front (Cora just barely fits, soon she will be over the weight limit).  The bike is so much easier for me to ride than my old used bike.
 Cora loves doing crafts with me when Elijah is not around - she was very excited to make some necklaces this day.

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