Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mom, Dad, Grandma and CW Visit Part I

I'm a little behind on blogging so these next few posts are going to be picture-heavy.  The pictures may also be a little out of order - but they all were taken during the two weeks that Mom, Dad, Grandma Wei and Christopher came to visit - the last two weeks in April.

Here we are hanging out at home:

Elijah's favorite position-
The work station
Getting ready to go to the temple
 Grandma on one of her morning walks

 My boy
 CW and John jamming at our Sunday family dinner
Here we all are at the PCC:

Watching the canoe pageant
 Taking a canoe ride

 Waiting for the canoes
 By the entrance
Ko'olina Lagoon:
I had to crop Cora out of this one for modesty

At Turtle Bay:

 Ryan, Dad and CW went to Waikiki and climbed Diamond Head:

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