Thursday, July 19, 2012


What did we do in May? We picnic-ed, hung out, ate shave ice, celebrated Dad's birthday, went to the zoo, hiked, played...

These were at Hau'ula Beach park - we thought we'd have a picnic dinner - it was was a little colder and windy-er than we anticipated.

 Cora naturally has some curl to her hair but I thought I'd try curlers one night after her shower - they only lasted a half hour or so before she wanted them out.
 We love getting shave ice from the Kaka family - one day we met up with our good friends Kalani, Noa and Tama there and the kids all wanted to ride home in the wagon together. So cute!
 Eating at Kahuku Grill on Dad's birthday!

 We'd wanted to take Elijah and Cora to the zoo for a long time and we finally made it!  Elijah was our little growler - he loved making lion noises and we just knew he would love seeing all the zoo animals!  Since then he's learned more animal noises - monkey, dog, fish...  Here he is pointing to the lions.
 And looking at the koi from inside the tank- check out Cora's pompom skirt I made.

 Cora was a little grumpy when this picture was taken but she had been playing tea party so cute with her little animals.
 Playing ball at the field one evening.

 We went for a hike on the Hau'ula Loop Trail - we didn't make it around the whole loop because Cora was walking on her own, but we got some great views and had a lot of fun.  Cora's a great hiker!

 She wanted to have a mustache like Daddy's.

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